I Am Michael iliffe...

I'm a writer, musician, healer and teacher.

I'm a student as much as a teacher. Just like anybody else reading this page. I am a student to life and I learn, express, breathe and seek to grow like many others.

In my years of seeking for answers I believe that I have come across some very concrete answers to some very real problems; which stem from the human mind and unresolved emotions!

I have just finished completing my first ever e-book and I think it's a doozey! In fact, I can say with confidence. You don't want to miss this!

My New Book in a Nutshell..

This book contains knowledge from my own personal life experience. I’ve always been curious; how does the mind operate? Why do people do what they do? Why does life seem to feel great one minute, and terrible the next on certain days?

In this concise book, I go in-depth with real solutions on how to unravel the psychology based in what I have deemed ‘The Paradigm of Suffering’.

This paradigm of suffering has seen humanity on its knees at times, and it is more important than ever that we now begin to unravel all this psychology based in judgement, suffering and seperation. It is time we begin to unravel the old ways and step in to that which be truly be; Which is a magnificent, playful, sovereign and benevolent be-ing.

We are not human do-ings, we are human be-ings, and with that, we should learn to be our authentic selves. Upon reading this book, expect to have your own ‘aha’ moments and with that true inner realisations of the true nature of that which you already be.

My Blog in a Nutshell..

I’ll be exploring openly and in-depth the ins-and-outs of daily life, psychology, spirituality, hands-on-healing, healing modalities, and much more!

I seek to explore the in depth and to uncover and unravel the ‘old ways’ of do-ing, of separating, judging and ultimately suffering in life as a human.

Come and join me on the journey of uncovering what it truly means to ‘be’ a human be-ing.

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