The Power of Creativity

Sometimes you’ll have no choice but to keep creating to create that clear space, clarity and bring forth the light that is the real you in to your body, consciousness and in to this world!

We are each a benevolent beacon of light in this world. We are each pillars of hope for our own humanity and upliftment as a species.

When we find this true light, that which we truly be, starts to personify itself within you and your psychology. That true light in which you really be also begin to shine itself upon the world for all to see.

Don’t be so shy or afraid that you cannot step up, bit by bit, to your own greatness. Your own greatness is benevolent at heart and holds the best interests of everyone at heart.

When distractions and temptations come in to your mind as you begin to fathom more this spiritual love and true light of creator and spirit, you must come back to your centre, back to the flame of your heart and allow it to be sparked and stay ignited.

If the flame of the heart is ignited, it is united, with creator and with the true spirit of this world.

We are yet to know this world as it truly is and is yet to become. We are yet to unravel the mystery of that which we truly be and so it is wise to stay open and curious as we continue on our endeavor to heal and mend our suffering from separation.

The dualistic nature of the ‘mind’ is to control, oppress and to force. Yet the singular nature of the truth (That in which we truly be) of ourselves is benevolent, loving, unifying in love and also playful and creative.

There is a lot to digest here, but yet all has been simplified for one to digest properly in western psychology and in modern spirituality.

Simplicity is key, and true knowledge is not power as we have been taught, it is a power and flow of true love itself. True knowledge gives us capacity to carry and bare our own lights (that which we truly be and are).

When we trust our inner flow of life force we allow the light in us to continue to shine and to shine lovingly. By lovingly, I mean true deep, pulsing, firey, warm and flowing love.

Love is more a flow than it is a force. Creativity is flowing and not stagnant. You are a divine spark of creativity itself.

So then, enough with the giving away of power. There is nothing greater than being able to go within and to see how and why the psychological wheels are spinning and all turning in the way that they are. More often than not people are perceiving and viewing life in a way that is so far removed from creators perspective that we feel dull, void of creativity and even inspiration.

We are inspiration, we are creative force and flow, we are a divine spark of hope of love, we are that which we have been seeking to mould ourselves in to.

I am allowing of my creative flow and therefore creator within to speak and flow through me at this moment. Not because I am forcing my will for it to happen, but because I am allowing the love in which I be to flow to me and through me.

Creating with the spark of light and true love (that in which you truly be) is a highly effective way to get in to the flow and to drop all your emotional guards and psychological hogwash. In fact it is a way and means in which to drop your baggage off at the door so to speak.

Once a lesson in life is complete the baggage stays outside of your field and psychology and never returns again. This is what we have sought for, for so long, and we are nearing the point of really turning the corners we’ve needed to turn within ourselves.

Stay patient, keep your wisdom in tact, and start consciously deploying or even commanding that the benevolent force within you become more and more active within your heart and psychology and then allow it to flow to you and through you.

You are gaining greater and greater capacity on a daily basis now to receive creators love (that in which you truly be and are). Even without your conscious knowing this is all happening at the forefront and in the background to some degree within you all.

Ignore the false alarms in your psychology and field and ignore the distractions and temptations to ‘act out of fear’. Keep your wits about you and really begin to discern what is of you and what is for you and what is not of you or for you!

In this way one can truly disregard all the rubbish that seems to move around within the illusion of separation. In fact I want you to fathom or ponder the notion that over ninety percent of what you experience in your human brain is not even yours to begin with.

Knowing what is of the real you and what is not is paramount to your very awakening. And awakening you have sought, for oh so long!

This awakening you have sought through many different means. This is only because your ego became so distracted with toys such as self lies, doubt and fear that it became very hard to see the truth for what it is.

Now that you are nearing a completion of your total and complete healing process, it is safe to say that the spark within your heart should be now more easily and readily accessible, whether you are conscious of it or not.

Being who you truly be, that is the loving challenge I send to you now. As a creative force in this world, I challenge you to dismissing all negative notions, thoughts, beliefs, doubts and fears, and to turn within each and every time any of these anomalies occur within your psychology.

Turn within and turn within often. Turn to the light in which you truly be and learn to be in this light of YOU. Learn by bringing your attention to it, and allow it to run through you.

When you doubt on yourself, you squash yourself and your energy then is restricted by a non-allowance and restriction of the natural life force energy. That in which you be wishes to come to you and through you. IT IS YOU!

I shall stop my message here and leave you to ponder these words. I do hope that you find good rest and respite for yourself and bright peace. Good things are coming!

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